Monday, October 22, 2012

A Little TLC

This past weekend we were featured on the fun blog TLC Parentables. I am so glad they asked us to contribute to their round-up of fun, no-carve pumpkin ideas. Our washi tape pumpkin tutorial is fun and really simple so if you would like to try it out you can find it right here.  Enjoy this little sneak peek of the post below.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. The picture below shows you how we spend much of ours. Unfortunately, this only represents maybe 1/4th of the packages we have shipped lately for Alexis Mattox Design. We love staying busy though!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh So Beautiful Paper

We are thrilled to announce that our Halloween cards have been featured on the fabulous blog Oh So Beautiful Paper! I have long been an admirer of this particular blog since they always show the most exquisite paper goodies that are out there and it is an honor that they published our cards. Here is a little snapshot of the post.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Upcoming Shows

We have many new shows coming up soon. First, we have Never Knew boutique at a great home in Park City. It is one day only so be sure to come this Friday.

Never Knew
Friday October 12, 2011 from 9am - 8pm
5785 Mountain Ranch Drive
Park City, Utah

And next weekend we have two shows that will both be in Utah County. The Bella Bazaar is at Thanksgiving Point which is such a fun place. We are already planning a date night to got to the bazaar and take a little stroll through the corn maze. Thanksgiving Point has so many great things to see this time of year. 

Also that weekend is the Battlecreek Boutique in Pleasant Grove. It is a fun show and the old Pleasant Grove Recreation Center. Here is the information for that show.


We hope to see you at the shows! We have many new and exciting products to show off! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy October

I am so excited that it is October so that I can finally post about a project I love- washi tape pumpkins! It is such a simple DIY decorating project that you can easily have a full patch of adorable fall pumpkins in 30 minutes. There are only a few small items you need to make this project and the best part is that there is no messy clean-up like carving pumpkins and they will last for the whole fall season.

We have a lot of really wonderful fall washi tape designs to choose from and the photo below shows off a few that I think would be great for Halloween.

Check out our washi tape patterns here. 

This project is so simple that you really only need 4 items and if you don't have a bone folder (the cream tool shown above) that is no problem. The tutorial for this project is really intuitive so I will mostly just tell you some tips that I learned doing this.

  1. Clean your pumpkins- I just washed them quickly under water to make sure the dirt is all removed and there is nothing sticky on them. This is an important step so that the washi tape will stick properly. 
  2. Apply washi tape any way you like. You can buy them here. The white pumpkin shown above has the tape in vertical stripes and the orange pumpkin has random scraps of different black and white patterns. You can try other patterns such as chevron, horizontal stripe, or plaid. It would also be really cute to make a monogram with the tape or other shapes like a witch's hat.
  3. Use the bone folder if you have one to smooth the washi tape and press out any crinkles. There will be some small crinkles as the tape goes around the curves of the pumpkin. If you do not have a bone folder you can just use your finger nail or another smooth object like the handle of your silverware. 

And here is the final product! I think they look so adorable. The white pumpkin is my favorite! I used a black polka dot tape in the center with the orange lace tape on both sides to make it look like one really wide tape. To add contrast I cut the black diagonal stripe tape in half to make a really thin line.

I hope you all try this project! I would love to see any images of your creation. You can send them to Happy October!